Q. How long will my checkout take? What, if any, additional training is needed?

A. Most checkouts are scheduled between 8am and 10am on the day of your departure. For the first hour, you will be completing your inventory and vessel condition report. When your checkout skipper arrives, you will need another 1-2 hours to go over all the systems on the boat and have your sea trial. If you need additional training after your sea trial, this is available at $35.00/hr.


Q. Will I then be able to leave immediately after the checkout?

A. Once you have loaded your gear, you may leave unless there needs to be extra instruction given. Also, there is always the weather to contend with such as fog, gale force winds and always check the tides schedule. Tides may be checked at http://www.dairiki.org/tides/monthly.php/ana.


Q. If I book an early sleep-aboard, will we get checked out that evening to expedite our departure in the morning?

A. Most often we complete the checkout that afternoon. Variables such as weather, maintenance, and time of arrival are factors that come into consideration. If unable to complete the checkout by 4:30 p.m., it will be resumed the next morning.


Q. I'll be driving to Anacortes and want to leave my car there for the week. Is parking available?

A. Yes secured parking is available.


Q. Are there rental car agencies that rent on a one way basis with drop fees?

A. Yes, we recommend Enterprise (360 757-7343). There is an airport shuttle (1-866-235-5247) which provides service to both SeaTac and Bellingham Airports. Check out our website (www.shipharboryachts.com) for additional links for transportation alternatives.


Q. What can I expect entering into Canada and re-entering the US?

A. Both Canadian Customs and US Customs along with Homeland Security have tightened security. Passports for U.S. citizens are required for re-entry into the U.S.


Q. I'm bringing my two kids, age 9 and 11 along. Will our boat be equipped with life vests for them?

A. All of our boats are equipped with sufficient life vests for all aboard plus 2 child size preservers. They are usually the basic life jackets. We suggest that you bring your own fitted comfortable vests (like the Sterns) for your kids. They'll be a lot happier and more comfortable.


Q. Are crab pots/rings and fishing poles supplied?

A. All of our yachts are equipped with crab rings or pots. For crabbing, cans of seafood cat food work great for bait. For fishing, we have a few basic fishing poles that may be rented. The avid fishermen will want to bring their own poles and tackle. For either crabbing or fishing you will need a Washington license and another license for Canadian waters. Remember there are specific seasons for fishing and crabbing. Kids 15 and under can fish without licenses but will need a catch card. Check the WA Department of Wildlife website for full regulations at http://wdfw.wa.gov/. For fishing and crabbing in Canada refer to Canada Fisheries & Oceans at http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca.



Q. Do I need to bring blankets and towels?

A. We will supply your boat with enough pillows, linens and towels for all people on board. Please fill in the number of people (singles and doubles) on the top of your contract or contact our reservations desk and let them know what you need prior to your arrival. We also supply cleaning rags and supplies.


Q. Do I supply my own propane for the BBQ?

A. Yes, we do not supply propane bottles but the previous charter will often leave one. Buy one as needed.


Q. What should I bring on my charter?

A. Bring clothing that can be layered as to the conditions from warm sunshine to rain or fog. Evening temperatures can dip into the mid-50's. Deck shoes are a must! Please leave your black-soled shoes at home as they scuff the decks. Teva sandals or aqua socks are great for the dinghy and getting off at shore. A hat and sunscreen are a must!


Q. What time are we due back?

A. We ask for you to be back at our main dock ready for check in at noon or earlier.


Q. How much time do I need to allow for the check in and still make our flight out of Sea-Tac airport in Seattle?

A. Allow 1 hour for the check in. Once the check in is completed the drive from Anacortes to Sea-Tac airport is approximately 2 hours.


Q. If we want to arrive back at the Marina and just leave the boat, is that permissible?

A. Yes, you can add this service during your brief check in.


Q. I don't understand how the insurance works. Can you explain the coverage?

A. The daily insurance fee covers any damage to the boat. It does not cover lost inventory items. P& I insurance provides coverage for any mishap with another vessel or property.' All incidents need to be reported immediately to SHYC.

Q. Can we ship some of our gear to your office ahead of time rather than contend with ''extra baggage on our flight?

A. Yes, we'll be happy to receive and hold any extra baggage for you.

Q. How do I provision? Is there a supermarket nearby?

A. Yes, there are two major markets (Safeway and The Market) within 5 miles plus a convenience store up the block.' There is a Costco located at I-5 Exit #229 in Burlington.


Q. Do I need a Boater Education Card?

A. No. The captain in your group will be required to complete a "Motor Vessel Rental Safety Checklist" here in our office on the first day of your charter; this exempts you from the Boater Education card requirement.


Q. Do I need to bring my own charts?

A. All our boats come equipped with San Juan and Gulf Island charts. We also supply tide and current tables. Please check the yacht's inventory for chart selection. You may want to bring charts if you are planning a cruise to an unusual place.

Q. I see there is a $20 Post-Charter Pumpout Fee on my contract. What is that for?

A. SHYC has contracted with a professional sanitarian to pump and chemically treat the holding tanks on your chartered vessel upon return. You no longer need to worry about pumping out when you return to Skyline Marina.



Contact us at 360-299-9193