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From start to finish, the staff of Ship Harbor Yacht Charters wants your yachting vacation to be a safe and memorable experience. Prior to arriving in Anacortes, it will be helpful to review the information below. If you have any questions or if you require anything at all, please call us Toll Free at:


Departure Day

Peace of mind and familiarity with your chartered vessel is paramount to a successful yachting vacation. Our Check-Out is designed to thoroughly review and explain the cruising area and every amenity of your yacht.

Please plan your arrival to Ship Harbor Yacht Charters so you'll have ample time to participate in your Check-Out. You will also want to allow a few minutes to finalize any remaining paperwork.


Whether you're beginning your first exploration of the San Juan/Gulf Islands or simply picking up where you left off from previous charters to the area, you will want to hear our briefing on your cruising area. We even receive regular "Local Notice to Mariners" from our friends at the U.S. Coast Guard to make sure you have the most up to date information available.

We'll review tides, charts, customs requirements and weather to ensure your vacation is safe and as stress free as possible.


One of our charter representatives, for the first two hours, will review the yachts inventory and systems. From plumbing, electrical, winches and floatation devices to location of crab rings, no detail will be missed.

You will be asked to become thoroughly familiar with all of the safety equipment on board to further ensure you're fully prepared and totally comfortable with your vessel.

As the Captain of your vessel, you will be requested to pilot your yacht out of the slip, through Skyline Marina and out into Burrows Bay. While doing so, your SHYC representative will discuss your yacht's handling characteristics. You will then return the yacht to it's slip and have an opportunity to ask any further questions you may have about your chartered yacht. It is important to us that you feel extremely comfortable with your yacht and its capabilities.

Your cruising time is precious and we want to get you underway as soon as possible, so we ask that you not load your belongings onto the yacht until the checkout has been completed. This is a good time for you and your crew to shop for supplies or check out beautiful Washington Park, which is located just minutes away. Rest assured, we'll get you underway as soon as possible.

Once your Check-Out is complete and the paper work is finished, you and your crew can load your yacht and begin your adventure in our beautiful islands. As you move out of the marina into Burrows Bay, you will breathe a sigh of relief as the stress of everyday pressure begins to slip away like the emerald green water under your bow.

Cruising Into Canada

There are specific customs and regulations which must be followed when traveling into international waters. Your SHYC charter representative is very familiar with these procedures and will review them with you. A Passport or a copy of a Birth Certificate for minors is necessary for customs. Our guests from other countries will need to bring current passports and/or visas. Some restriction may apply If you are the skipper /charterer and of Canadian citizenship when reentering Canadian waters. Canadian guests are welcome.

For more informatioin visit

There are new US Customs regulations going into effect June 1, 2009 which will effect re-entry into the US.
Please visit
for details.  Bring your passport if you plan on travelling into Canada.

Linens and Towels

Linens, pillows, pillow cases and blankets are provided for each berth. We also include towels and wash clothes for each guest. If you desire we can provide extra towels, pillows, linens etc. for a small charge. If you prefer sleeping bags, we can provide them for $25 a set, which includes a sleeping bag, pillow case and blanket.



It's your vacation, so simply let us know what level of provisioning best suits your needs. Please view our " Essentials Package " to see what is offered.

Let us know if there are brand names, fat free or low fat items that you would like and we will provide those items in the package.

If you prefer a more fully provisioned vacation, we can send you more information on a wide range of options including partial provisions, fully provisioned, or even a special pre-planned menu for each day. It's your vacation - just let us know how best to assist you and we will send the details to you right away.

Outboard Motors

All of our vessels come with the appropriate size dinghy and outboard motor standard equipment. Gas for the outboard is included at no extra charge.


Each of our yachts has an impressive list of equipment for your safety and comfort. You may find this listing on the specification schedule for your yacht. If you have a special requirement not already provided, please call us at 1-877-7SANJUAN for assistance with that item. We'll do our very best to secure it for you. These items are also listed on our detailed Inventory Sheet which will be reviewed and validated by you prior to your departure from the docks.

Pet Policy

Sorry, no pets are allowed on any of our vessels.

Smoking Policy

Sorry, no smoking is allowed below decks on any of our vessels.

Fishing and Crabbing

For those of you interested in fishing and crabbing, you will need to acquire a resident or nonresident Washington State License. License costs are reasonable, especially when you consider the size and taste of our crab and salmon! It's worth every penny!

Of course, crab pots are standard on all SHYC boats, but you will need bait. Fishing rods and reels are available locally; we'll point you in the right direction.

Transportation and Local Accomodations

How to Get Here

Air Transportation

Ground Transportation

Anacortes Accommodations

Early Sleep Aboard Option

As a service to our charter customers, here at Ship Harbor Yacht Charters you may schedule to arrive the night before your scheduled charter date and sleep aboard your yacht - $150.00 per night. Just let us know you would like this service.


Daily Insurance fee covers any hull and machinery damage aboard your charter vessel during your charter vacation. Please look at your chosen yacht charter rates for the Daily Insurance rate. Multi week charters (greater than 20 days) will find 25% Daily Insurance rate savings for the entire charter period.

Public Liability insurance fee (a minimum flat rate premium) is also required and provides $1,000,000 of coverage. These rates vary with the number of days chartered. The average 7-day charter P&I is $65.00. Discounts are given for charters greater than 15 days.

Our Cruising Guarantee

Ship Harbor Yacht Charters guarantees that if your yacht experiences a breakdown during your charter, repairs will be completed within 4 (Four) hours of notification, or you will be compensated for your lost time.

Uncompromising Service

Ship Harbor Yacht Charters prides itself on a well maintained fleet of diverse sail and power yachts. Sometimes unforeseen events occur that require assistance. For these occasions, SHYC maintains a high speed Bayliner chase boat that is able to respond quickly to any service needs. SHYC also maintains an extensive network of service personnel companies throughout the Pacific Northwest .

Who Says You Can't Get Anything for Free?

To compliment your cruise, SHYC provides the following items at no extra charge:

As always, please let us know if we can assist you with anything that you feel will make your yachting vacation even more special. After all, that's why we're here.

Contact us TOLL FREE at 877-772-6582